How does $34 an hour = $45 an hour?

Be paid what you deserve. Go Union.

Reasons to join the union

Not only will you get better wages and benefits, you will have opportunities for better training and apprenticeships and be more credible in the eyes of your customers.

Full Family
Health Care

Low-deducible healthcare
at no expense to the individual. 


Legally binding contracts
guarantee work. 

Pay Raises

Contracted wages means
you always get paid.

Pension &

Multiple employer paid
pensions and 401K plans.

The above are examples only, not necessarily representative of an actual person.

Further your education,
become a Journeyman.

Access to continuing education at a low cost for members at our brand new Utah Electrical Training Center in West Jordan. Journeyman prep classes that prepare our Apprentices to pass the Utah state Journeyman test.

Are you ready for a 15% increase in wage?


Hear it from the source,
IBEW354 is a brotherhood that cultivates success & job security.

To be selected to work for a Union like that was a blessing. It's nothing but room to grow with them. The JW's are very skilled guys that work together and they perform well as professionals.
Electrical Apprentice
Really good place to work for. Its really a brotherhood for sure.
The IBEW is a great place to work. It provides hands on training in the field day one your working with highly trained professionals that knows there job greatly.
Pre-Apprentice Electrician
IBEW is a great place to start a career.

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